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Bullying is using superior strength to intimidate someone and ultimately force one to do what he/she wants. Serenity Christian Homes makes it a goal to teach the kids something new like bullying every week and then watch their progress throughout that week.

Recently the kids have enjoyed outings to the YMCA for swimming, zumba, and basketball as well as going to the library. At the library the kids can all check out two things each and then return them in a timely manner and check out something new. On top of the YMCA and library the kids also walk to the park and enjoy the North Dakota summer weather while it lasts.

Immediate Gratification

Immediate gratification is a desire to have rewards now rather than waiting to acquire them in the future. This past week the kids have worked on immediate gratification and not needing to be rewarded for doing good things or what is right. Within this last week the children enjoyed the community a little more by attending different functions. ┬áSome of the older kids went to a 16+ yoga class and learned new poses too ­čÖé

Night to Unite was a family night where kids could learn about safety in different situations. It was a fun time learning from the swat team, watching the community dancers and Tae Kwon Do team perform, as well as watching helicopters land in the close-by baseball field.


This past week the children were focusing on responsibility. Responsibility is the state or fact of having a duty to deal with something or someone. While learning about responsibility the staff use the word responsibility for various situations throughout the week. For example when the children wake up they are responsible for cleaning up their living space, their hygiene and their daily chores. Their daily chores are a big part of their responsibility in the house. When they follow house rules by being responsible they earn privileges as well as going to do fun things in the community.

Weekly Update

Character Building
This week’s character building topic is trustworthiness. The definition of trustworthiness is being able to be relied upon. The children have had and will be having conversations about being trustworthy or gaining trust back once it is lost as well as why it is important to be trustworthy.

As a group, the children played a game called two truths and a lie and talked about trying ‘trust falls’. ┬áThe word “trust” is used throughout the week during everyday moments between the staff and children to show the importance of trusting and being trusted.┬áAlong with the games the children also were given a character building packet you can see below in a link. When a child has been through trauma it effects them on different levels. Here is a link describing the impact trauma has on trust.

CBP Trustworthiness Worksheet


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